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Surprising Benefits of Being Stuck in Pandemic

Surely, not anyone would agree with my title and I am in no time to argue. Not all are thinking positively with the unanticipated crisis brought by this Pandemic and many may be already losing hope. However, I still choose to see the silver lining brought by this serendipitous plague.

I claimed to be so blessed to still have a full-time job and able enough to provide food for the table. As a practicing minimalist , I have learned to abundantly appreciate every diminutives in my life. Few examples would be courageously avoiding the pre-occupying commute to the office, watching an interesting documentary or an engaging action movie in Netflix, listening to a meditating music, gulping a thirst-quenching cold water in the freezer, finding one last pair of underwear or just simply wearing my plain black shirt.

However, I fairly admit that as much I want my every day to be fascinating, I am no excuse to be still covered in dull, monotonous, norm of survival and adulthood. I am still a slave in a corporate world and by taxes or bills to pay. On weekdays, eat, work, sleep then repeat was my routine. While the usual on weekends was laundry, sleeping or watching a movie (Netflix). My constant would be saving money, listing down my expenses, budgeting, checking the stock market and a continuous effort to be productive and push myself to be “successful.”

As this Pandemic serves its time to depressingly destroy our economy, I deliberately realized that those regimen when every thing was normal was just a standard and quite a cliché. But it doesn’t mean that tweaking some of the norms I used to will bring an uneventful and low-quality life I never wanted to have. It registered that simply breathing air smoothly is already a glorious accomplishment.

I found it satisfactory to actually just stay and work from home every single day. Not just because we are on wide community quarantine, but simply because I have a sense of control when it comes to my own time — no tardiness and irate customers, flexible time to eat, watch or sleep, no specific time to bathe or do laundry. Everything is happening now and it felt endless, in a good way. It felt like I can do anything I want, except going out and travel of course, but every thing! I am no longer bound by any deadlines I give to myself because we are just actually buying time caused by this virus, COVID-19.

I love making plans but this became less prominent as we go longer in the community quarantine. I appreciate the surprises that came along with every day living in the four corners of my apartment. The rhythm of the rain in the early evening, the smell of my home-cooked food, the first bark of my puppy or the frog that invaded my house were really funny — events that I won’t even find joy if it was normal. I guess, as this Pandemic continues, I go back to less but learn to admire more foolish things in life. A good laugh makes my day. I find smiling alone, to myself, by myself is not delusional anymore but more of a reaction to something really amusing. After all, I am isolated.

I was usually preoccupied by the unknown because of the fear of missing out. But at this time, we are all in the same space, time and continuum hoping that this will end soon and no one will get left behind. The disease equalizes everyone but it also unites people, in a way. Everyone has the same hope that this will end and everyone is afraid to be infected which rarely happens that we all have one dream. So much for peace, right?

Lastly, I get to filter who really mattered to me, the people that I really give a fuck about. And hell yeah, they are few but real; small crowd but worth keeping. Sadly, this global drawback brought by Coronavirus, is keeping me from conversing face to face with them. Maybe after this ends, I should probably give them a good hug.

And to put the cherry on top, if you have not figured out the positive things along with being stuck at home during this Pandemic, do not worry, you only need to stay…there and don’t go out. This is the best time to be productive by just staying. *wink

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