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An Open Letter To Myself

Dear Self,

How have you been doing?

I know that these times are hard especially in this time of pandemic. Unexpected things had happened and no one was ready for it, including you. I know that you have been wanting to get some rest and just go home with your family, be comforted from all the anxiety you’ve been feeling and just be with them, for once. You want to be supported from all your decisions, just this one, that you just want to take the leap of faith, jump without a plan and just see what happens next. But life is not that easy, eh? You have to consider a lot of things before coming up with a better judgment because all your decisions, you factor in your beloved family.

I know sometimes, it feels good to be selfish and just decide for yourself alone. And it makes you blush thinking for yourself and not considering other people. But, self, it is not your nature. You are giving, sacrificial, vulnerable to your family’s needs.

I know you are loosing faith and sometimes, its your grip to the reality that being in an uncomfortable situation gives your more room for improvement. And isn’t that life is all about? A continuous improvement and self development?

Self, I am with you. You can do this, I know. you have the skills, you have the smartest mind and the most resourceful wit to survive. Smile because even life is not that sweet all the time, you will always have the dessert to enjoy sometimes!

I am not bullshitting you, self. This is just how the way life goes. Either you pause, play or stop. It’s your remote control to press but never ever lose your batteries.



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