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Buy More Time or Cut My Losses?

Okay. I am at this point of my trading journey that I wanna start anew but at the same time, I wanna wait for my investment to grow and eventually regain my paper losses. Was it hope? I don’t know. Maybe.

But let me start by showing you my infamous real portfolio.


The portfolio above has a lot to say with how bad my investing/trading was. Two years ago, I was doing PCA (Peso Cost Averaging Method) but just recently realized that it was not as effective as it can be. So I tried to do a bit of position trading without any system or plan. Aside from that, I slacked for months for not perpetually checking my portfolio because of a personal issue associated with my heart. Ouch.


Oh yes, you know what I mean.

After my recovery, my friend encouraged me not to stop studying and invited me to  Traders Lounge . Thus, here I am again trying to salvage my port.

After so many brainstorming, research and writing down any possible pros and cons, I came up with this plan:

I have partially sold my 69.60% loss and just waiting for some of it to be fully sold. It was sold on oddlot. It was easier for me to sell this even if it has the highest loss percentage because that was the smallest position among the three.

However, the stock with the 11.38% loss was sitting in it’s long time support and the prices are stabilizing. If that support is broken, I will cut immediately.

Now, the last one and my highest position.


I am planning to keep this 48.45% losing stock only because it has good projects in the future and I am waiting for the catalyst five months from now. By then, I can cut at least at a  20% loss. This stock is very volatile so I was also thinking to buy in low and sell high then do a LIFO (Last In, First Out). If my bias is wrong, then I won’t have any regrets for atleast trying.

I am sure that not all would agree to average down first because it’s really not a good advice. Why? See this .

While waiting for this stock to eventually recover, I will continue to study and trade using my virtual port. Few days or weeks from now, I will go back to this post and give an update. I may be crying over a spilled milk or bringing home the bacon. Who knows?


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