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Update: Buy More Time or Cut My Losses?

I made a blog about my port last February, here. I promised to give an update regarding my chosen strategy. Uhm, Where do I start? Let me make it direct to the point.

Remember that stock with a shy 11.38% loss? Guess what?


And that with whooping 69.60%?

giphy (1)

And me?





Let’s take time to digest that.


Oh, well. As I said with my previous blog, “However, the stock with the 11.38% loss was sitting in it’s long time support and the prices are stabilizing. If that support is broken, I will cut immediately.

And So I did!


And I just sold the other one a few days ago because damn, its hard to sell through the odd lot.


I can’t be so proud of myself, sticking to my plans.


Though I must admit, it still cut me open. But hell yeah, whatever.

I don’t want to end this blog with a bad vibe so the last stock with a 48.45% loss? It went down up to 60%. Yes, you heard me right! I cut half of it when it recovered a bit and used the money to buy it back due to the Covid19 pandemic. This may not be a good move, definitely not recommended, but I was able to gain and sold all of it after.

I was not able to have a screenshot of it but here’s my ledger as of today, April 26, 2020:


I am still trading at a loss but with a few improvement I feel abit confirdent with my recent trades. I am still learning on how to control my emotions since learning virtual and real port is totally different when it comes to trading. I may just be lucky when the stock market did not fail my bias. I am being a contrarian to everything that has something to do with the stock market in order not to hope and be biased in the end.

So, I guess, it was not a bad update after all.










Thank you, Miss Gandakoh for all your free learning!

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