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Hi. My name is Dee.

Welcome to my overthinking brain's trash bin of ideas, thoughts, dreams and fantasies. I am not a professional writer nor a blogger. I may motivate and inspire you. I may make you reflect, look and laugh at yourself. Or I may just waste your time. Who knows?

My Trading Journey

While my other blog entries may improve the quality of your life, this page right here under FINANCE category will serve as my own reviewer while studying the stock market only because my hippo campus cannot store all of the alien terms and information the stock market can offer. I made this reviewer through a blogpost and made in public so I can give back to the community.

I am also a newbie in trading and if there’s anything that you can add or comment about my reviewer, please free to do so. I’ll be more than happy to delete ┬áconsider it.

For my fellow netizens who are interested in studying the market, it is never wrong to study first though it is boring. (I am not a fan of it, really). Let’s get bored together, cheers!

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