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How is PAPA?

PAPA is a strategy for those who do not have all the time to watch the market. Ideally, this is or those who can afford to check the market once of twice a day. This strategy won’t give you any false hope if the stock will not really rally. It’s goal is to let you enter the trade if and only if the prices are likely to go higher and go on rally.

For more information about this strategy, you can visit this blog:


I tried this strategy and I can say that it will really give signals for you to to buy but do not get your hopes up because this strategy depends on the market sentiment. I tried this during a bearish market and it actually served its purpose to give you a buy signal and let you sell if it won’t really push through. If I have withdrawn my paper gains, I should have won a good 8%. The good thing about it is I was able to properly execute the plan but my bias did not materialize.

However, I need to improve on sticking with my exit plan. When I entered the trade, I am not sure what time frame to use and felt a little jerky. Maybe it’s the confidence? Still, I need more experience. Here’s my plan using PAPA Strategy. I stuck with a 1D timeframe for this. It was perfectly executed based on the parameters of PAPA from entry to exit and time frame. I can never be proud to have that discipline to follow the rules!


Today, I tried another stock and was able to gain 4.+% in a 5min timeframe exit.


I just saw this today when I was screening stocks before the market opens. It has already met the basic rules for PAPA yesterday but I still decided to enter the trade because of the following:

  1. last candle was a piercing pattern and a strong bullish one
  2. risk is tolerable based on my risk appetite

Upon entering, I changed to 1hr timeframe since PSEi is bearish. After few moments, I noticed that it had a gap up.

RLT gap

So I changed to 5 min time frame and sold when my cut loss was hit.

RLT 5m

It was less than an hour trade. I felt good about that trade because:

1. I have improved on my exit plan and felt a little more confident with it like changing time frames based on the candle movements.

2. Was able to enter within the parameters of PAPA.

Overall, I know I would need more back time in testing this strategy and hopefully, learn more about it and continue to maintain the discipline in trading.

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