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Hey, Stranger

I’d like to tell you something about me.

You may find this odd and a bit scary.

Me, myself is afraid of me.

I’m overwhelmed by these emotions I can’t explain and I’m afraid to tell anybody. I’m scared they will find me insane or crazy. There’s a sudden flow of reality, past and memories I’d tried to bury deep down and in just a snap, they all came rushing through me. And just that, I’d felt my heart skipped a beat, can’t breathe and cried… like a baby who’s not wanted to be born in this world.

You know, I’m telling you this, Stranger because you don’t know me and I just we can just ignore each other. Unlike someone who has known an old me and was stuck there- he or she who didn’t even give me a chance to know the new me.

Have you ever wondered those who got killed because they’ve raised their hand? Let me know.

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